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1969 Big Block Camaro Restoration And Big Block Conversion Camaros

Check Back Often For Updates On Current And Past Projects

I Am Located In Norco, California near Riverside, Just Outside Of Los Angeles

I Am Changing My Business Model To Focus On First Generation Big Block Camaros.

I Will Be Building 1969 Big Block Camaros For Future Sale. All Cars Will Be Correctly Converted To Include All Options That Came On Big Block SS and COPO Camaros, Including Factory Power Front Disc Brakes, 12 Bolt Posi Rear Axle, 4 Speed/TH400 Transmissions, And Dual Exhaust. Completed Cars Will Have Correctly Detailed Engine Compartments, Orignal Paint Colors, And Original Interiors. 

Engine Options Will Include 396 And 454ci Motors. 427 Motors Will Be Used When Available. 

Michael's And Lisa's Multiple Award Winning All Numbers Matched Original Motor and Trans Fathom Green '69 Z28.
I Started The Paint Project On 2/28/2004 And Finished on 6/11/2004

This is Michael and Lisa's '69 Z28. In the summer of 2003, Michael brouht it to me to do a number of things including a full tune up and distributor curve, to get it running perfectly. I installed a new clutch, repaired the overheating problem, replaced the leaking heater core, and did a complete trunk restoration, see below. I also repaired the cowl induction hood system so it functions properly.

This spring (2004), I am also doing a complete paint job on Michael and Lisa'a Z. Notice that the paint is blotchy in the first pic above. This was due to poor polishing techniques that burned through the single stage paint. The new 2 stage Fathom Green will be spectacular! There were a few surprises under the old paint as you can see. These areas were all be correctly repaired with welded in patch pieces.  Then the car was block sanded and primed, and sealed with epoxy primer, then wet sanded with 800 grit before the base coat clear and clear coats were applied.

Notice yours truly in the last pic below. I'm getting a little booth time laying down the last 2 coats of clear on the cowl.

Once the dash and cowl were painted, we were ready to spray rest of the car. A quick wet scuff of the epoxy primer with some 800 grit, wax and grease remover wipedown, and once over with the tack cloth, we were ready to lay down the Fathom Green. Once the base coat flashed, we layed down 4 coats of Dupont 2400S clear coat so there would be plenty of material to color sand and plolish to a flat mirror finish.

Now that the paint is finished, it's time to lay down the stripes with Dupont Chroma One Single Stage Dover White

Now that the paint is completed, color sanded to 2000, and polished, it's back to Camaros Unlimited to finish up the project. The exterior of the car received newly polished stainless trim, new tail lights, new emblems, and rechromed GM bumpers.

After installing all the trim, the car came out beautiful.

Since the restoration was completed, Michael has entered 5 car shows and has taken First Place 4 out of the 5 shows, including a best of show trophy. Check it out below 

Surface Rust Repair And Trunk Restoration

Bob's 69 RS Coupe

This is a beautiful '69 RS with a numbers matching 327, TH350 transmission, 10 bolt rear, factory A/C, power front drum brakes, and deluxe black and white houndstooth interior.

I have swapped out the original powerglide with a rebuilt TH350 which greatly improved performance. Future plans include and aluminum intake and 4 bbl carb, performance engine rebuild, and front disc brake conversion. We may renew the interior as the budget permits.

Jim's '69 Z28

This outstanding, documented, California black plate '69 Z28 is an all original collector car. I have peformed much of the restoration under the hood to bring it back to showroom quality.

Damon's '69 LM1 RS

This is a rare '69 LM1 RS Camaro. It has a totally original numbers matching drive train, Z22 RS options, factory A/C, factory power front disc brakes, original 12 bolt with 307 gears, and deluxe ivory houndstooth interior. Not many original LM1s exist today. Damon is the third owner.

Jesus' LeMans Blue '69 Z28

This is a very clean X77 D80 Z28. Jesus is having me go through it to make it run great and do a few cosmetic things so it will be ready for the summer cruise season. This Z will receive full new front and rear suspension and bushings, shocks, new clutch, full tune up and valve adjustment with a newly curved distributor, new exhaust system, all new emblems, new tires, dash pad, clock, and speedometer. The paint will also receive a high speed polish to help restore it's clear coat.