'69 Z28 Original Parts
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Check Out The Numbers Matching And Date Matching Drive Train Components And Parts That Restore This Z Back To Original Condition

Note that the assembly date of my car is 01 C, third week of January '69.

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3932386 Original DZ Block

Date casting L 10 8 with DZ assembly date V0107DZ.
Camel hump heads (3927186) are date cast J 24 8 & K 12 8. Also included with the engine are 3932472 intake manifold, 3947708 harmonic balancer, correct timing cover, windage tray & oil pan.

The engine was completely rebuilt utilizing the original forged steel crankshaft, pink rods, 11:1 TRW pistons, 30 30 solid lifter camshaft, new timing gears, pushrods, rocker arms, stainless steel valves and new valve springs.
M-21 Close Ratio 4 Speed Trans

Muncie M-21 transmission, casting number 3925660, date stamp P9A04B (P=Muncie, January 4 '69 B=M-21).

Original Z28 Exhaust Manifolds

RH 3946826 date L 4 8, LH 3942527 date K 12 8. I purchased these from Jerry McNeish fully restored.
Complete, Fully Restored Original Smog System

Show quality smog pump 7801149 date 324 8 (Nov. 18, '68) & diverter valve, deepgroove pulley 3932458DV, reproduction smog tubes, new correct gold cad valves, correct brackets, bolts and hardware.

Original Z28 Flywheel

The original flywheel was with the car, much to my surprise, 3791021 date L 19 8. I installed an OEM style aftermarket clutch set.
Original Bellhousing And Throwout Fork

The original bellhousing 3858403 (no date), clutch fork, and clutch linkage was with the car. All parts were detailed and restored.

Original GM Z28 Water Pump

I was able to locate an original water pump core 3953692 date J 8 8, for a hefty price, but it only cost my twenty two dollars to have it rebuilt. Thanks to Parts Source, Norco, CA.
Intact, Original Hurst Shifter And Linkage

I was very fortunate that the original Hurst shifter was with the car. The shifter was completely cleaned and rebuilt. The linkage was beadblasted and painted prior to installation.

Original Z28 Radiator & Fan Shroud

The original radiator was also with the car. Usually they are swapped out with an aftermarket piece. I do not have the original UH tag, but note the "C B" on the tank and original, lower passenger side fan shroud clip.